Traduki -- An open source suite of linguistic software

Welcome to Traduki! Traduki is a suite of open source linguistic software. Originally intended to be "just" a machine translation software, Traduki got its author so involved that it eventually grew into a much larger scale project.

For those who have been watching out Traduki for a long time, the machine translation project isn't dropped. Machine Translation is still one of the main, and probably the main, goals of this project. However, as the author got involved into linguistics, they dreamt of many other interesting and easier to code projects. In a global view, those can be considered the foundation being laid for the Machine Translation.

After many years of experience, I am already aware that no promises can be made and there is no point in excuses anymore. There really is a lot of work going on (after, linguistic software is the field I am focusing for my career), that I will gradually upload here.

As always, feel free to contact.


2004/08/27: The first usable software from this project has been released. It is called AlteruPhono and is a software to test and develop rules for phonetic changes. While still very betish, it can already be used seriously. Source code in Python available, as well as binaries for Microsoft Windows (95/98/Me/XP).

Last Update: 2004/08/27